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Photo Credit, Chris Phelps 

Photo Credit, Chris Phelps 

We Are 

Jessi Hall, Daniel Hall, Jesse Hopkins, Kevin Howard, and Becki Howard.

We make the music that we love. The last two years have been spent developing a collection of songs inspired by George Gershwin, Tom Waits, David Lynch, and Serge Gainsbourg.

Our Story 

Bethan was at first a studio project. "Vague" was the first song completed at Shabby Road Studios in the Fall of 2010 as a writing exercise with Roger Greenawalt, a producer in Brooklyn, NY. That song began a creative process that lasted a year a half and eventually became Chapter 1. As life would have it, by the time that EP was released, absolutely everything had changed. 

Jessi James became Jessi Hall. A new job, a new marriage, a new neighborhood, and a desire to begin a creative partnership with Daniel changed absolutely everything. The couple spent a great deal of time reimagining the music that expressed what their life had become and to continue down the electronic path of Chapter 1 would have been dishonest. 

In their first apartment in Oak Cliff, the Halls began writing music that was much more like their surroundings. Oak Cliff is an old neighborhood in Dallas, full of early 20th century charm-- a strong sense of the past everywhere you turn. Jesse Hopkins, Becki Howard and Kevin Howard just made sense as the best fit for discovering this new sound as a band. Luckily they agreed and slowly, one by one, the five began creating new songs together that were... honest. 

Time Gone By, our first full length album, was recorded at Redwood Studios in Denton, Texas with McKenzie Smith (of Midlake). It will be released on October 7th, 2014.