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In Our Paris


Where we play, what we write, and thinks we like. 


In Our Paris

Jessi Hall

It all began in the kitchen of our first home in Oak Cliff. 

We were just married, deeply in love, learning how to live together, and defining what we wanted our new life to be. 

In those days and since we stay in together quite a lot. We cook, drink wine, play checkers, dream about what the future could hold. Daniel often picks up an instrument because he loves to play. Sometimes those spontaneous moments become songs. 

Our first kitchen was too small for two, so, while I cooked, Daniel would sit in the corner and play the guitar or ukulele. One night he began playing a particularly lovely progression. I hummed a melody over the chords of his guitar and in a few short days, we'd written a song-- our first song and the first song that made it very clear that what was my Bethan was now ours. "In Our Paris" was the beginning of finding the music we make together and eventually what would become Time Gone By almost 3 years later. 

We'll release a special "Oak Cliff" version of this song on 9/2 along with our first single, "Low Expectations". We hope you enjoy it.